8th Feb, 2024

- New issue of The Red Critique (No. 17, Winter/Spring 2024): dossier on Gaza and essays on cosmopolitics, class and software economy, the flat ontology of neoliberal feminism, the spiritual reawakening of Fredric Jameson, Badiou and the subtraction of class, in-between feminism, Spinoza and New Materialism, and the poverty of the humanities 


- CFP: The Future of the Lumpenproletariat, A Conference in Memory of Glyn Salton-Cox. Please send 250 word abstract, along with any questions, to lumpenconference@hotmail.com. Submissions are due by March 15, 2024. Accepted presenters will be notified March 25, 2024.

- CfP Conference: The Miners’ Strike in Britain in 1984/5 – New Perspectives. Please submit 200 word abstracts and a one-page CV at stefan.berger@rub.de. The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2024.

- The Concept of Property in Kant, Fichte, and Hegel: Freedom, Right, and Recognition, Jacob Blumenfeld


- Call for Chapter Proposals for an Edited Collection: Shades of Red in the 20th Century in Russia and Europe. Please send bios and 5-6p. overview of chapters by March 4 to the attention of Dr. Marie-Josée Lavallée at marie-josee.lavallee@umontreal.ca

- Series of Public Meetings on Alternatives to Capitalism, Sponsored by the International Marxist-Humanist Organization. All meetings via Zoom:


Disalienated Consciousness and Radical Humanism: The Most Desirable Bedfellows of Our Time with Deanne Bell, Saturday, Feb. 10, 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

The Periphery in the Heart of Accumulation: José Carlos Mariátegui’s Legacy for the 21st Century with Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, March 2: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

A Value-Theory of Labor Subjectivities: Theorizing Capital’s Production and Exploitation of Racial Difference with Davide Ventrone, March 23: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

How Marx and Fanon’s ‘New Humanism’ Speaks to Today’s Struggles Against Neo-Colonialism with Peter Hudis, April 13: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

Marxist Humanism and Trans Liberation with Alex Adamson, May 4, 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

- Historical Materialism Cluj-Napoca, August 29-31, 2024: Polycrisis across Divides.


- “What is your take on violence?” On a crucial question of the international Left in its historical-political context, International Conference in Vienna, 20-22 June 2024


- Video Interview: Søren Mau on Communism, Capitalism, and Social Democracy


- Marx's political economy reading group, New Class Starting On-line Sunday February 11th. Ask to join at




- Call for Papers · Kin City · Urban Ecologies, Cities as Factories, and Internationalism


- Marxist Summer School 2024


- CfP: No War but the Class War, Historical Materialism and Institute for the Radical Imagination Conference, May 31 - June 2, New York 2024, Long Island University – Brooklyn


- Reading Antonio Gramsci's Selections from the Prison Notebooks - A 12 week online reading group for Gramsci's Prison Notebooks, starting Wednesday Feb 28th 2024, at 6.00pm GMT


- Forthcoming:* Essays on Marx’s Capital Summaries, Appreciations and Reconstructions, by Geert Reuten.

* Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after the hardback


- Join Leninist Days, which was launched on January 27, with Paul LeBlanc’s inaugural keynote address, “Lenin’s Legacy for Our Time of Catastrophe” that can be accessed here: 


See the full programme here: