1st Feb, 2023

- Queer Worldmaking: Radical Sexual Politics in the Age of United States Hegemony Alex Stoffel, Friday 3 March 2023 @ 21:00 GMT


- Join the HM Sexuality & Political Economy Network. All are welcome to join the all to join the Jiscmail: SEXUALITY-AND-POLITICAL-ECONOMY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK or to email the convenors with any potential questions: Paul Reynolds – paulrussellreynolds@gmail.com and Alex Stoffel - a.stoffel@lse.ac.uk

- LAW AND MARXISM: SPEAKER SERIES: Rob Knox, 'Taking Capital's Laws of Motion Seriously: Marxism, Law and Capitalism’, Friday 17th February 2023 2022, 18:00 – 20:00, Queen Mary University of London School of Law, Arts Two Lecture Theatre, Mile End Road London E1 4NS.


- Family and friends of Jeff Perry invite you to attend a celebration of his life on Saturday 2/4/2023 at Faculty House, 116th and Morningside Drive, in Manhattan, NY.  The in person event is limited by space to 200. However the event will be live streamed on his Facebook page, and will also posted later on YouTube for viewing at your convenience.


- Seminar in Contemporary Marxist Theory, Badges Without Borders: Policing and Empire in the Twentieth Century, with Stuart Schrader, Nathan Eisenberg, and Raúl Zepeda Gill, Wednesday 8t February, 4-6pm, King’s College London, Register for in person:


Register for online


- Marx's Literary Style A Roundtable on Ludovico Silva, Literary Criticism and Latin American Marxism