Please select one of the London Conferences sub-menu for info on each conference since 2012. Displayed below are the new HM logo and posters for each conference. All work by - and very special thanks to - David Mabb

Annotations on Historical Materialism Posters can be seen at David Mabb is an artist and works at Goldsmiths, University of London


HM Logo


London conference 2012


Poster London Conference 2013


Poster London Conference 2014


Poster London Conference 2015


Poster London Conference 2016


Poster London Conference 2017


Poster HM 2018 by David Mabb



Poster HM 2019 by David Mabb


Historical Materialism 17th Annual Conference


Historical Materialism 18th Annual Conference


David Mabb Historical Materialism Poster Conf 2022


Historical Materialism Poster Conf 2023