13th Aug 2017
George Souvlis interviewed Sara Farris, a longstanding contributor and member of the Historical Materialism editorial board, and of its Marxist Feminist stream.
26th Jul 2017
Anti-imperialism has a history that has been in large part repressed, if not buried, amongst many currents of criticial thought and much of the radical Left.
11th Jul 2017
For those interested in engaging with the history of the Russian Revolution in the hope of more effectively challenging capitalism, a tension between the universal and the particular looms large. The difficulty that inevitably arises is how to disentangle what was historically specific about Russia 1917 and Bolshevism from what might reflect a more generalised tendency.
9th May 2017
Daniel Hartley interviews Richard Seymour, author, journalist, online editor for Salvage, and member of Historical Materialism's Corresponding Editorial Board.
26th Apr 2017
In conversation with Christoph Jünke, on the legacy of German Marxist theorist Leo Kofler and why we need a Marxist understanding of anthropology today.
7th Nov 2016
by George Souvlis and Aurélie Andry
The following interview was originally published by Viewpoint Magazine on 18 August 2016, and was conducted by George Souvlis and Aurélie Andry in 2015.