28th Aug 2019
An Interview with Massimo Modonesi
--translated by Joel Ruggi Interview by Mariana Bayle and Nicolas Allen
31st May 2019
Carried out by Darren Roso, Berlin 2018.
31st May 2019
An Interview of Frieder Otto Wolf by Darren Roso
Edited for publication by Daniel Lopez
23rd Nov 2018
Interview of Warren Montag by Juan Dal Maso
Originally published at https://www.laizquierdadiario.com/Para-Althusser-la-filosofia-debe-sacudir-las-cosas 
29th Oct 2018
Interview with Andrew Feenberg
Originally published in French in Période
17th Oct 2018
Interviewed by Benjamin Birnbaumer
Hans Hautmann (1943–2018) on the Austrian council movement and why it was so much stronger than its counterpart on the other side of the German-Austrian border.
17th Oct 2018
Interviewed by Jasper Strange
Apart from being a very productive scholar, you have also been engaged in political debates and activism, for example as part of the academic advisory council of Attac. Which experiences and events politicized you, and which role has political activism played throughout your life and career?
25th Jul 2018
Interview with Dave Beech
A version of this interview appeared in French at http://revueperiode.net/la-valeur-de-lart-entretien-avec-dave-beech/ 
25th Jul 2018
Interview with Ruth Wilson Gilmore
 A version of this interview appeared in French at http://revueperiode.net/le-role-de-la-prison-dans-la-lutte-des-classes-entretien-avec-ruth-w-gilmore/
30th Apr 2018
Interviewed by Selim Nadi
A French version of this interview was originally published in Période: http://revueperiode.net/red-black-a-haiti-entretien-avec-matthew-j-smith/