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Page Thirteenth Annual Conference
Conference Twelfth Annual Conference
Austerity and Socialist Strategy SOAS, Central London, 5-8 November 2015
Conference Eleventh Annual Conference
How Capitalism Survives (6-9 November 2014)
Conference Tenth Annual Conference
Making the World Working Class (7-10 November, SOAS, London)
Conference Ninth Annual Conference
Weighs Like a Nightmare (8-11 November, SOAS, London)
Conference Eighth Annual Conference
Spaces of Capital, Moments of Struggle (10-13 November 2011, SOAS, London)
Conference Seventh Annual Conference
Crisis and Critique (11-14 November 2010, SOAS, London)
Folder Sixth Annual Conference
27–29 November, 2009, London, 'Another World is Necessary: Crisis, Struggle and Political Alternatives'
Folder Second North American Conference
January 14-16, 2010, New York
Folder Fourth Annual Conference
Folder First North American Conference
April 24-26, 2008, Toronto
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