Limits, Barriers and Borders

10th - 13th November 2016

Organised in collaboration with the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Committee and Socialist Register.

The HM conference is not a conventional academic conference but rather a space for discussion, debate and the launching of collective projects. We therefore discourage "cameo appearances" and encourage speakers to participate in the whole of the conference. We also strongly urge all speakers to take out personal subscriptions to the journal.

    Austerity and Socialist Strategy

    5th - 9th November 2015

    The Old is Dying and the New Cannot Be Born: States, Strategies, Socialisms


    Twelfth Annual Historical Materialism Conference School of Oriental and African Studies, Central London, 5-8 November 2015


    HM Poster 2015


    How Capitalism Survives

    6th - 10th November 2014

    How Capitalism Survives 

    Eleventh Annual Historical Materialism London Conference - 6-9 November 2014 - Vernon Square, Central London


    Poster 2014


    Making the World Working Class

    7th - 11th November 2013

    Making the World Working Class

    Tenth Annual Historical Materialism Conference Central London 7-10 November 2013


    HM Poster 2013


    Weighs Like a Nightmare

    8th - 12th November 2012

    Has Marx been reanimated once again? From mainstream media to academia, this question hangs in the air. The old ghosts of revolution appear to be shaking off their shackles and getting agitated. What is this spirit? Who are the militants haunting this ramshackle capitalism? Are these new spectres – stalking the streets of Syria, Tunisia and Egypt, Athens, Spain and Wall Street and beyond – direct descendants of socialist and communist ones? How does the past haunt the present? How might the present spook the future?